Gauged Stainless Gas Tube w/ roll pin

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0.01 LBS

Alex Bohl of Trajectory Arms is a friend and one of the best when it comes to working on the AR platform so we are proud to offer these phenominal gas tubes .

While gas tubes available throughout the industry can vary significantly as well as batch to batch from a given manufacturer, these Trajectory Arms gas tubes are individually verified to be held to tighter tolerances. This guarantees that every gas tube will seal well with the gas block and gas key, providing a more efficient gas system.

Many times a system that is not running right can be attributable to multiple gas leaks which prevents the necessary amount of gas from reaching the bolt carrier. While it isn’t common for any one component to be the cause, stacking multiple, out of spec parts commonly does cause short stroking issues. Trajectory Arms stainless gas tubes will give you comfort in knowing it will provide a reliable seal and improve the reliability of your rifle.

Ships with a stainless steel roll pin.  Made in the USA.