American Rifle Company - Coup De Grâce Bolt Action (Short Action)

American Rifle Company

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People of Earth,

American Rifle Company proudly introduces the Coup De Grâce at the hard to believe introductory price of only $899. We'll be taking orders soon; probably in about 6 weeks, once actions are on the shelf and ready to ship.

From the Oxford English Dictionary:
e. coup de grâce n. /ku də ɡras/ [literally stroke of grace] a blow by which one condemned or mortally wounded is ‘put out of his misery’ or dispatched quickly; hence figurative a finishing stroke, one that settles or puts an end to something.

Whether it puts competitors out of their misery or puts and end to the confusion resulting from the myriad of other bolt actions with little or nothing to distinguish one from the other, American Rifle Company’s Coup De Grâce is certainly worthy of its name.

Simply put, the Coup De Grâce does more with less and looks great doing it with its beautiful design, DLC and salt bath nitrided finishes.

Its Rem700 footprint receiver is machined with an integral recoil lug and integral 20 MOA rail.

The three-lug, 70-degree bolt uses interchangeable floating bolt heads and accommodates everything from 223 Rem on up to 338 Lapua.

Receiver and bolt work well with AICS mags but are optimized for incredibly smooth and reliable feeding using AIAW mags and conical breech barrels.

The AIAW mag will hard stop against the bottom of the receiver thus preventing interference with the bolt.

The back of the AICS mag will hard stop against the receiver but if pushed upwards, the forward tips of the feed lips will interfere with the bolt. The mag will be driven down when pushing the bolt forward. An optional forward hard stop for the AICS mag can be placed between the receiver and the stock/chassis.

Receiver-mounted passive (aka mechanical) ejector sends cases out at three o’clock through a large ejection port.

Controlled-round-feed extractor grips a large portion of the case rim so full advantage can be taken of the patented pivoting bolt handle that easily pulls even the most stubborn cartridges from the chamber.

The pivoting bolt handle can be swapped out for a fixed handle thus converting the action to one with conventional cam extraction better tolerated by highly sensitive triggers.

The entire bolt assembly is composed of only sixteen parts, but can function with as few as twelve, of which two are springs and one is a ball.

The entire bolt, even the striker assembly, can be disassembled in the field without the use of tools.

A screw-adjustable trigger hanger makes easy work of positioning Rem700 compatible triggers for bump-free bolt closing.

Dual cocking cams reduce friction within the bolt for easier bolt lift.

The bolt knob is our best ever and makes fast cycling really easy. Other knobs can also be adapted to the standard 5/16-24 handle thread.

The circular section of the bolt handle makes sweeping it back easy if that’s your preference.

Robust 9 o’clock bolt release has a direct load path to the receiver which protects its pivot pin.

Patented toroidal bolt-lug bearing surfaces reduce stress.

The Coup De Grâce is explosively tested for safety at pressures that greatly exceed standard proof loads.

Weight: short action 947 grams (2.1 pounds), long action 1084 grams (2.4 pounds)