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Forward Controls Design -6310RF 5/8 x 24

Forward Controls Design

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6310RF a Plan B compatible flash suppressor / compensator, a collaboration is  between Revival Defense and Forward Controls Design.
Based on the successful 6310 design that's been well proven on many of our Dead Air Keymo and Xeno devices, 6310 is a closed bottom flash suppressor / muzzle rise compensator that provides 15 to 20% better compensator performance, without the extra muzzle flash, concussion and noise normally associated with a compensator.  6310's shorter and smaller 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock ports force more gas to be vented through the 3 upward facing ports.
6310RF, like all 6310 family of flash suppressor / compensator, has a closed bottom, which requires timing to ensure the center port faces 12 o'clock dead center.  We most likely will not produce an A1 (8 port, spaced equally around the circumference of the flash suppressor) form factor, 3 or 4 prong muzzle device.  This is a design decision based on practicality and function.
We encourage you to visit this page for more of our thoughts on closed bottom muzzle devices:
6310RF has external 0.900 x 24 threads, compatible with sound suppressors with 0.900 x 24 threads and adapters such as Rearden's Atlas adapter.

Length: 1.725"

Weight: 2.08oz
Internal threads: 5/8 x 24
External threads: 0.900 x 24 
Wrench flats: 3/4"
6310RF's length is shorter than that of a TDP spec M16 A2 compensator, (1.76" overall length, with 0.79" available for ports), 6315RF is shorter (1.725" overall length, with 0.675" available for ports), its flash suppression performance is similar to the A2.
6310RF has .900 x 24 External threads & a taper that are compatible with Plan B Type Mounts such as REARDEN Mounts and Various Suppressors. We worked with various Suppressor companies such as CGS in order to ensure compatibility with their devices when using a Rearden ATLAS
Note: Use on some manufacturers Silencers Can Void your warranty