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Arson Machine - Picatinny WireGuide™ System

Arson Machine Co

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Continuing on our rampage to rid the world of poorly constrained switch wires on firearms, the 1913 Picatinny rail was the next battle we had to win.  Staying with our minimalist design mantra we sought to create a solution that was both low profile and highly functional.  To this end we came up with our Picatinny WireGuide™ Clamps.

We started by making the clamps sit as low in the picatinny slot as possible with the minimal amount of stick out in all directions.  We also wanted the wire to sit under the bottom of the lower angle section of the Picatinny rail so that it would be out of the way as much as possible.  To do this, we took a rather unique approach to our solution, in that the wire itself becomes part of the clamping mechanism.  Some might say that this could be dangerous and possibly damage the switch wires, but fret not.  We designed our Picatinny WireGuides™ with safety in mind.  When properly torqued*** and installed on an in spec picatinny rail, the wire absolutely cannot be crushed to the point that the insulation fails. While the clamp does slightly compress the wire’s insulation, when installed properly, this will not cause damage.  If over torqued, the clamp will fail before the wire insulation is compromised.

With that out of the way, let us move on to the clamps themselves.  First we created our Single Wire Picatinny Clamp.  This small piece of machined and Type III Hard Anodized 6061 aluminum perfection was designed to hold a wire with a max diameter of 0.130″ (most standard switch wires are 0.110-0.125″).  As its honest name implies, it was designed to hold just 1 wire on whichever side of the Picatinny rail you choose.  This is a solid, functional piece that will serve all users well.  Installation is a breeze and you can use as many as you see fit to contain all the errant wires on your weapon.  It can be oriented to hold the wire on either side of the rail, making it simple and versatile.

Next is our Dual Wire Clamp.  This clamp, as it’s name implies, is designed to run 2 wires, one on each side of the Picatinny rail.  It can be used in many ways from helping those with multiple switches to those that have unique routing requirements.  Due to its Dual Hook design, and lack of a dovetail to interface with the picatinny rail (like on the Single Wire clamp) it MUST have a wire on each side to work properly.  When combined with the Single Wire Clamp(s) and our M-LOK or Keymod WireGuides™ your cable management woes will be a thing of the past.


Like all of our WireGuide™ Clamps, our Picatinny WireGuide™ Clamps are sold individually or a la carte if you want to be fancy about it.


*** Max torque on the clamp screw is 5 in-lbs.  We recommend using a small drop of blue thread locking compound on the screw prior to installation to prevent the screw from backing out.  To remove the screw after the thread locker has set, a few seconds of heat from a lighter or small torch is all that is needed.